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Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

With modern classical style decorations, the Gourmet Restaurant the and Noble House are built with much utmost care and also large sum of money. They are integrated with classical Chinese culture, but do not lose modern fashion features.

The best chef chosen flavor ingredients, carefully cooked official cuisine of different area in China. Since it's opening in 2008, the Noble House has been the best choice for high-grade fete and reception in optical valley zone.

Business Hours:11:00 to 14:00 17:00 to 21:00

For More Information & Reservation Tel.+86 27 8169 2288 / 2350 / 2351

Fashion 78

This is a restaurant with European medieval art style. The open kitchen is located in the center of the restaurant. It produces crisp roast duck, seafood, special Chinese dishes, various kinds of iron plate cooking, steaming, pasta, fresh salad, fresh juice, cocktail, top-grade Chinese tea and ground coffee. The cellar contains 2,000 bottles of selected wines from all over the world. Two long Western-style tables in VIP rooms offer customized menu services with red wine.

The restaurant has an outdoor balcony with nearly 500 square meters and a romantic lawn for wedding. Here is a fashion gathering place for young people who love life.

Business hours: 11:00 to 14:00 17:00 to 21:00

For details and reservation, please dial +86 27 8169 2350.

Manna Western Restaurant

The Manna Western Restaurant is based around the concept of an aristocratic private kitchen with a Southern Italian style. The simple plain white wall sets off the intricately hand-crafted tiling. The traditional and classic Buffet Table and the colorful array of delicacies on offer complement each other; in the whirling shadows, the Italian restaurant looks elegant and homely.

Business Hours:06:30 to 10:00 11:30 to 14:00 17:30 to 21:00

For More Information & Reservation Tel.+86 27 8399 8888-6711

Haydn Lounge

Haydn Lounge is located in the round hall of hotel entrance. The stained glass domed ceiling, Hellenistic wooden columns, resplendent crystal chandeliers, wine-red hand-made woolen carpets, peacock-blue diamond velvet French curtains accompanied by original European antique furniture, all together with a band playing classical music create a unique atmosphere akin to that of a royal household.

Business Hours:08:30 to 22:00

For More Information & Reservation Tel.+86 27 8399 8888-6719

Red Lion Pub

Red Lion Pub is decorated entirely using wood, takes on the unique charm of a traditional English pub style. On a misty, rainy evening, the intoxicating effects of Scotch, along with the soft drums of jazz, will elicit the feeling of being in London.

Business Hours:14:00 to 01:00

For More Information & Reservation Tel.+86 27 8399 8888-6729